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#Trump – New Mechanics Of Power

November 11, 2016

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

The only thing that seems to be predictable, is unpredictability itself. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, a fact that will please some and displease others. Whatever our view of the results of the election, there are some fascinating underlying dynamics at play, dynamics which were first visible when Obama became president, and which have now clearly reached a tipping point. It’s not the social dissatisfaction which is changed: it’s the ways that we are connected and are able to tap into that energy which is different.


In the old world communication technology was slow, it took weeks for photographs or reels of film to work their way around the world. The earliest digital communication technology took us from the speed of horse to the speed of copper, but even that was limited, tied to physical infrastructure. As we move from the digital age into…

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