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Fisherman invents 3D underwater farms that protect shores and replenish the ocean

April 29, 2016

Commercial fisherman, Bren Smith, invented a way to grow large amounts of food vertically under the surface of the ocean. Better yet, he’s open sourced all the plans and offered them to people around the world to implement and improve upon.

The farms harvest mussels, scallops, oysters, clams, seaweed and salt.
Smith points out that the setup soaks up nitrogen and 5 times the carbon dioxide of land-based plants, referring to it as a “climate mitigator.”
This process transforms the fisherman into a restorative farmer. The farms function as artificial reefs which reduce storm impacts on local communities.

His company is called GreenWave and is dedicated to repleting the ocean while maintaining food production. Here, Smith talks about the process and his visions for the future.

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