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World’s top nature photos to be projected onto St Peter’s

December 5, 2015

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado next to one of his photos from his exhibition “Genesis” in Oviedo, Spain
Images by some of the world’s greatest environmental photographers will be projected onto Saint Peter’s Basilica next week in solidarity with the climate change talks in Paris, the Vatican said Friday.

From Brazilian Sebastiao Salgado to France’s Yann Arthus Bertrand and Britain’s Steve McCurry, photographers with a passion for the natural world will see their works adorn the facade of basilica on Tuesday from 7:00 pm (1800 GMT).

Works by American National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, and renowned underwater photographers David Doubilet, Howard Hall, Shawn Heinrichs and Greg Huglin will reveal the rich life of the oceans.

Canadian biologist and wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen, and US time-lapse expert Louie Schwartzberg—who turns his lens on animals and elements of nature too slow-moving, fast or small for the eye to see—will also be taking part.

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