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The Genesis Engine

July 25, 2015

Editing DNA is now cut-and-paste. We could eliminate disease, cure hunger—or break the world.

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Beautiful, thought-provoking, and very troubling.

Author Amy Maxman concludes:

In an odd reversal, it’s the scientists who are showing more fear than the civilians. When I ask Church for his most nightmarish Crispr scenario, he mutters something about weapons and then stops short. He says he hopes to take the specifics of the idea, whatever it is, to his grave. But thousands of other scientists are working on Crispr. Not all of them will be as cautious. “You can’t stop science from progressing,” Jinek says. “Science is what it is.” He’s right. Science gives people power. And power is unpredictable. “ 

This is one great weekend read. ~ sdc

With thanks to ken payton


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