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Rights of Nature: Art and Ecology in the Americas | e-flux

March 30, 2015

With this research-exhibition, we aim to explore how an international grouping of artists and activists—all with links to the Americas—have participated in this transformation in their diverse practices and conceptual engagements. How have they considered these questions, advanced their own analyses, and produced creative modelings that express the fundamental principles of rights that transcend human subjects? In refusing to surrender the term “nature,” as is proposed in the post-natural discourse of recent ecocritical theory, Rights of Nature traces the cultural resonances of eco-centric legal developments, Amerindian cosmologies referring to Pachamama (Quechua and Aymara for “Mother Earth”), and speculative object-oriented philosophy—not in order to retain the outdated concept of a pure realm apart from the human, but rather to register a new conception of nature located within indigenous rights struggle, Earth law, and political ecology. The exhibition considers how a diverse set of practitioners have imagined or attempted to realize what Naomi Klein, in her recent book This Changes Everything, has described as a world we want to live in, where “we” is no longer limited to an exceptional and autonomous humanity. 

Curated by TJ Demos and Alex Farquharson with Irene Aristizábal


Though the exhibition is now closed, the discussion does not.

to order, This Changes Everything


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