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#Trump – New Mechanics Of Power

The only thing that seems to be predictable, is unpredictability itself. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, a fact that will please some and displease others. Whatever ou…

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#Trump – New Mechanics Of Power

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The only thing that seems to be predictable, is unpredictability itself. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, a fact that will please some and displease others. Whatever our view of the results of the election, there are some fascinating underlying dynamics at play, dynamics which were first visible when Obama became president, and which have now clearly reached a tipping point. It’s not the social dissatisfaction which is changed: it’s the ways that we are connected and are able to tap into that energy which is different.


In the old world communication technology was slow, it took weeks for photographs or reels of film to work their way around the world. The earliest digital communication technology took us from the speed of horse to the speed of copper, but even that was limited, tied to physical infrastructure. As we move from the digital age into…

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Creating a List of Climate Change Plays

What a wonderful resource! Thank you for updating it. Definitely will reblog!

Artists & Climate Change

Earth temperature map This image shows how 2010 temperatures compare to average temperatures from a baseline period of 1951-1980, as analyzed by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA GISS

Last Updated: October 18, 2016

Where are the climate change plays and who are the playwrights writing them? We are looking to create a comprehensive go-to list so anyone searching for material related to this issue can have this resource available. Below is what we have found so far. What else is out there?

Please note: This list should by no means be considered an endorsement of the individual plays. It is simply a compilation. Also, in some cases, climate change is featured prominently while in others, it is only a backdrop for the story.

3rd Ring Out – Zoe Svendsen (UK) / immersive theatre
A Cool Dip in the Bare Saharan Crick – Kia Corthron (USA)
AD2050 – Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti (UK)
Arctic Requiem – Sharmon J. Hilfinger with music…

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Life is like a River Greetings and Salutations: Life is Like a River. It flows with ups and downs.  At times it is turbulent. At times it twists and turns. At times it is stagnant and dry.  At time…

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Interactive exhibit tells a sustainability story through the lens of contemporary art

Art Works For Change is using a unique online exhibit to inspire change through storytelling, including ‘featured tours’ of the galleries by leading eco-organizations.

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Online, informative, and interactive, Arts Works for Change is compelling, vast, and calls for action at every turn. Great teaching tool.

The time has come to turn up the heat on those who are wrecking planet Earth | Bill McKibben

An interesting question is, what are you waiting for?

Global warming is the biggest problem we’ve ever faced as a civilisation — certainly you want to act to slow it down, but perhaps you’ve been waiting for just the right moment.

The moment when, oh, marine biologists across the Pacific begin weeping in their scuba masks as they dive on reefs bleached of life in a matter of days. The moment when drought in India gets deep enough that there are armed guards on dams to prevent the theft of water. The moment when we record the hottest month ever measured on the planet, and then smash that record the next month, and then smash that record the next month? The moment when scientists reassessing the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet have what one calls an ‘OMG moment’ and start talking about massive sea level rise in the next 30 years?

That would be this moment – the moment when 135 children have drowned in Thailand trying to cool off from the worst heatwave on record there. The moment when, in a matter of months, we’ve recorded the highest windspeeds ever measured in the western and southern hemispheres.

For years people have patiently and gently tried to nudge us on to a new path for dealing with our climate and energy troubles – we’ve had international conferences and countless symposia and lots and lots and lots of websites. And it’s sort of worked—the world met in Paris last December and announced it would like to hold temperature increases to 1.5C or less. Celebration ensued. But what also ensued was February, when the planet’s temperature first broke through that 1.5C barrier. And as people looked past the rhetoric, they saw that the promises made in Paris would add up to a world 3.5C warmer—an impossible world. The world we’re starting to see take shape around us.”

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Bill McKibben: change agent, writer, founder of, reflects on the the lack of progress, both in ouwn denial and lack of action against corporations fueling a fading planet.

Stunning street art aims to ‘Save the Arctic’

At the start of April hundreds of artists applied to take part in a street art campaign called “Save the Arctic”. Click through to see the video! 

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Artists have raised the standard – perhaps faster than corporations – with compelling, visual calls for environmental action since #COP21.